Faisal M. Higgi & Associates Co., Ltd.
Shipping Agents, Ship Chandelling, Custom Clearance
Twenty Nine years experience in Port Agency Service and Cargo Handling
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Quality Statement

Customer satisfaction is directly
dependent upon a working
philosophy incorporating goals and
objectives which support the
commitment of Faisal M. Higgi
Company  to provide its Principals
with services that continuously meet
their needs and exceed their
Faisal M. Higgi & Associates Co.
Ltd. aims to remain a leading
Shipping Agency in the Saudi Ports
Western region by continuous
improvement and innovation, serving
Principals from all over the world.

The Company is totally committed
to achieving the highest
management standards with
particular emphasis on efficiency,
reliability, experience and trust.

High standards of work are achieved
through operation of a quality
system which meets the
requirements of the Quality
Management Standard, ISO

Quality is the responsibility of
everyone working on behalf of Faisal
M. Higgi & Associates Co. Ltd.,
Compliance with the Policy,
Procedures, instructions, rules and
regulations is mandatory and
binding upon all employees.

Identify, set and achieve the quality
objectives at relevant functions by
providing adequate resources,
training and developing human

Review Quality Policy periodically.

Faisal M. Higgi & Associates Co. Ltd. has more than Twenty Nine years experience in Port Agency Service and cargo handling. Our staff, who are caring professionals, draw on this experience to provide a quality, ISO accredited service for our clients.

Whatever your requirement, for your good ship in port or cargo handling, customs clearance or export documentation, inland haulage or warehousing, we are here to help you.

Our service is comprehensive and efficient and one that is designed to achieve your objective. Delivery of your consignment in a safe condition, on time and at a competitive price.
Types of cargoes / vessels handled:

•   General Cargoes
•   Petroleum Products
•   Steel Products
•   Bulk Peat Shipments
•   Pure Car and Truck Carriers
•   Dry docking vessels
•   Vegetable Oil Products
•   Bulk Products
•   Chemical Products
•   Project Cargoes

What we can offer

•   24/7 Coverage 365 days of the year at all Saudi Red Sea Ports
•   All matters relating to Ships Agency are catered for by dedicated professionals
•   Loading & Discharging Supervisions
•   Vessel and Crew Husbandry Services
•   Spare parts and Store Supplies
•   Custom Clearance Services
•   Cargo inland haulage & warehousing
•   All our offices are linked through our website - www.faisal-higgi.com
•   Experienced staff with in depth local knowledge of their areas
•   1st Class service at competitive rates.