Port Information

Pre Arrival Information

Following pre-arrival information to be sent to agents at least 72 working
hours prior to ship's arrival.

•   AA Vessels name
•   BB Former names
•   CC Port of registry, flag and call sign
•   DD LOA, GRT and NRT
•   EE Summer DWT. Arrival DWT
•   FF Arrival draft forward and aft.
•   GG ETA
•   HH Last port and next port
•   II Cargo on board, flashpoint and destination of cargo
•   JJ Cargo requirements
•   KK Previous cargo and quantity residues on board for loading on top
•   LL IMO class
•   MM Whether vessel is gas free or in an inert condition
•   NN Is Vessel equipped with inert gas system
•   OO Port of loading ballast and amount
•   PP Quantity of segregated ballast on arrival
•   RR Quantity of cargo tank ballast on arrival
•   SS Time for de-ballasting. Can ship load/de-load ballast
•   TT Special conditions, difficulties, defective equipment or gear which
could present special hazards or difficulties when mooring, unmooring
or during cargo operations.
•   UU Agents name
•   VV Max loading rate
•   WW Topping off rate
•   XX Bunker requirements
•   YY Cargo manifold connection size
•   ZZ Bunker connection size.
•   ZZ1 Derricks
•   11 Ship/Shore figure comparison
•   22 Year of Build
•   33 Name of Master
•   44 Discharge Port
•   55 Next Port of call
•   66 Number of Crew
•   77 Economical Speed
•   88 Geographical Position 48 hours before arrival

King Fahad Industrial Port Yanbu
Pre Arrival Information
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