Environment Services
This service was established in the year 1995 to serve the national industry in Yanbu. The company developed a fleet of trucks, necessary equipment and experienced team to handle the disposal of dry and liquid wastes and dump them into assigned landfill.
Our strategy and longstanding policy is to utilize the latest technology to ensure
cost effective and time saving. Also applying the highest standard of safety and
environmental instructions.

Environmental Services (Our Clients) 

•   The National Titanium Dioxide ( CRISATAL ) Co. Ltd. , Yanbu
•   Al Hamarani Fuchs Petroleum Saudi Arabia Ltd., Yanbu
•   Al Majal G4 Service Co. 

Our mission is to be the ideal choice of every client, by furnishing remarkable services.

We desire to be the epitome of reliability and customer delight by maintaining our competitive edge, persistently striving to meet and better the required delivery time.
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